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Fire Rated Cable Coatings and Penetration Sealing

Fire Rated Cable Coatings and Penetration Sealing

Protective Coating Systems are specialists in Fire Rated Cable Coatings & Penetration Sealing

Firestop Mortar is a fire-resistant, cement based mortar with thermal insulating properties for fire stopping medium to large openings. Once installed it provides up to a 4 hour fire rating and additional cabling can be installed through the mortar at any time using a core drill.

Firestop Cable Coating is a white, water based synthetic resin which is applied by airless spray, or painted onto cables & cable trays to prevent the spread of fire.
This product reduces the spread of fire along cables and cable trays as well as reducing the damage to cables by fire.

Fire Rated Cable Coating & Penetration Sealing applications include

  • HV Cable Coating
  • Fire Rate cable coating
  • Electrical Substation Fireproofing
  • Penetration Fireproofing
  • Substation Fireproofing
  • Cable Tray Coating
  • Fire Rated Coatings
  • Cable Coating Fire Rated
  • Electrical Fireproofing
  • Electrical Cable Coating
  • Fire Rating Wall openings

If you need Fire Rated Cable Coatings or Penetration Sealing for your next project get in touch with Protective Coating Systems